Where I'm at is Fine and I Don't Need to Get Out of This Town

by The Foxsmiths

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All songs written by Drew Cowen except Undefined, written by Zach Norton.


released June 3, 2016

Ryan Hartline: Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals
Drew Cowen: Bass, Lead Vocals
Will Andrulot: Drums
Zach Norton: Lead Guitar, Producer



all rights reserved


The Foxsmiths Suffolk, Virginia

Start by adding some emo revival and pop punk. Now, multiply the solution with some guitar-ladened indie rock. Subtract any sense of self worth. Divide the answer with some disjunctive, stream-of-conciousness lyrics. Square the product. Congrats! You've got yourself a Foxsmiths song! ... more

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Track Name: Eden
She put the bone in the socket
Had a twenty in my pocket
I reached into tomorrow
Sat on my sorrow. (She was heavy)

I think I left a bad impression
The taste of depression
I walked down south main
It smelled like it had rained. (But it hadn’t rained)

And Grecian architecture is much too symmetrical for my taste.

Breakdown Eden, I’m not even leaving.
Track Name: They're Grrreat
Crank out authenticity
Breakdown constantly
Languish in the relics of artifactual nostalgia.

Stand up straight, your postures broken
Smile more, please quit smoking
If habits predict behavior you’re on the fast track to know where.

Conditioning should follow
Learn to swallow
What you hate and everything will taste great.

Hold up, I’m tired. “You’re fine”.
What did I do prior?
“Sentient thought is just not needed.”

I don’t like this. “Trying crying”
I can’t. “Try writing”
It’s derivative. “You’ve got no one but yourself to blame for this”
Track Name: Undefined
Working on myself, I need help.
And when the voices sweep right through, they’re so rude.
I took the pill now I’m happy, I’m smiling.
Deconstruction sleeps in me, I’m breaking.

I’m used to it by now
And its romanticized somehow
I’m used it by now
And its romanticized

It’s undefined
It can’t be vocalized
You spend your time
Fighting your insides

I’m used to it by now
And its romanticized somehow
I’m used it by now
And its romanticized
Track Name: I Fell Down The Stairs This Morning
One minute you’re fine, the next you fall down the stairs.
And when you come back to you know you’re not prepared
To look at Death’s face, understand what’s important and hold.

And my dad was angry I don’t blame him at all.
Cause when you expect nothing you are bound to fall
Into the depth of a local açai smoothie bar.

And I relapsed quickly, I realized my trend.
When you give the bare minimum you’ll try to defend
Lazy embodied in expression.

Think about the word sacred, is anything sacred to you?
I find passion striking less and I rarely move
From the corner of my window I blink and touch my face.
Track Name: Cycles of Myself
Horizontal thinking, weeks repeating.
I fell into cycles of myself.
Who needs friends? I’ll fall in love with a shelf
Of old books that have much more to say than I.
But they’re worthless, I’m wordless to them.

Verbal contracts broken, messages opened.
It says you read them, why won’t you respond?
I mean I…
Do you love all the things that you love?
I mean of course, wait… why do you ask?

Face the fact that you’re not a good person.
I’ll face the fact that I’m not a good person
Track Name: I Hope Everyone Is Happy Someday
Breaking, hurting, worthless sermon,
Summer of Norfolk you were on my mind.

Work and write and work and write and work and write
And spit out something you can sell.

This song it was not made for you, you weren’t supposed to hear it
Now I have to sing it for you.

I’ve been chewing at my pen too much
It just scratched me, I think it looks like shrapnel.

I should be happy, I should be happy

So hurry, please worry
You are running out of time and there is nothing you can do about it
I don’t want to die, I don’t want anyone to die anymore.
I don’t want anyone to die anymore.

I went outside today, it was beautiful.
I took a look around and I came back inside.

And I don’t think politics are changing,
I just think people are getting sadder.

And when I think about the world in fifty years
Yeah I think I get excited.

Cause that still implies there will be a world in fifty years
And we’ll still be here to enjoy it.
Track Name: Headaches and Cramps
Damage to the internal hull
This cabin pressure won't last long
Outside sources will make this body crack
And this cheap coffee tastes like shit
But I need something, I need it
To get the taste of indifference off my tongue

And the disappointment was your eyes
You were longing for something I could not provide
She wanted romance
And all I gave her were headaches and cramps
And I can't seem to make myself care
That I'm losing you I'm losing air
I'm sweaty and sad
I guess I'll take another shower or bath

But I'll leave here and think small again
This never was, this never went
The way I planned in my sleep

She exhaled and the world hid a gulp
We're still and barely breathing